Jul 212012

How can a small band of highly motivated people change the course of history? Easily. By rewriting it. The other option is terrorism, which is more difficult, and less effective.

The writing of history is a much better area for wish-fulfilment than politics. In politics you have to get large numbers of people to agree with you to effect change. With history you don’t. You just open for business, write your self-published book, or make a tedious Youtube clip full of captions.

Politics is long, dull, hard work, demoralizing and often humiliating. Not so the retelling of history. Democratic politics is, by definition, a dead end for a minority – and how much more so for an extremist minority. History is a less resistant field all round, and can be recruited to supply the kind of help that funding cannot provide.

Minorities (élites excepted) cannot hope for domination, with or without the ballot box. What they usually want is rights, and rights come from identity, and identity comes from history. And if history does not support a claim to rights, then history can be made to comply. So glorious histories, and especially histories of injustice, are erected. The claims of others, meanwhile, can be presented as fraudulent.

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