Oct 122012

Back from India, after a wider than usual range of experiences. These included being interviewed for TV, having my picture taken repeatedly, visiting a Sufi shrine in the rush hour, getting covered in hot oil, and talking talking talking.

I can only repeat my gratitude at the way the Indian public has treated me. They have received me courteously, listened patiently, and have represented my views fairly, even when they have not agreed with them.  The odd individual has chosen to give me a rough time in print, but I will not be responding. After the only severe mauling I have had I found someone commenting on Twitter about the review. I had fallen foul of a Bengali fan of the late Netaji, and this seemed to be perfectly apparent to others. My book was not about Bose, and the attempt to bring him into the picture seemed a bit contrived. If ordinary Indians could see the funny side of the aggression then I didn’t feel I had anything to add.

I met many engaging and fascinating people, and went to two areas of India I had never visited – Kerala and Delhi. Opportunities for tourism in Kerala were a bit limited, but in Delhi I did manage to see Humayun’s Tomb and the shrine of Nazimuddin (on a very busy Thursday evening). What with kebabs at Karim’s in the old town, my trip could hardly have been better.

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  1. hello Mr Matthews, remember me….?? i am pankaj yadav, the journalist working with Kuwait News Agency, and the one who interviewed you in Kerala on the second day of the Festival…..outside under a tree. my story based on your interview was published. u can get it across by clicking on the following link — http://www.kuna.net.kw/ArticleDetails.aspx?id=2267025&Language=en. thank u.

    • Yes indeed, I remember you Pankaj, and I remember enjoying our talk.

      I have now followed the link and read the story. Thank you very much for writing it

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