Dec 142012

Have been very neglectful here. I have never had such a busy time, but things have eased off as of about 6 a.m. this morning. Now my tickets are printed out and my case almost packed. I leave for India tonight.

A short visit to Delhi and Allahabad, part promotion, part research, part consultation. It looks like I will have another book to do shortly too.

I never wrote up my Mumbai trip, which is remiss of me. It was a great experience – both on the platform and off it. Met some very nice people whom I hope to keep in touch with. Very different from my previous trip, when I spent nearly the whole time talking to journalists. Not such a bad thing, but you don’t come away with much, personally.

It’s a week away, with a talk in Allahabad and a debate in Delhi. I will try to write it up properly when I get back this time. Christmas shopping permitting.



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