May 152013

Well… there seems to be what is called a spike going on in my traffic. Now not only Russian spammers but also genuine people seem to be reading pages here, principally the stuff about Macaulay and the Aryan Invasion Theory.

This is a pleasant thought that sustains me as I plough on through my current book, while the deadline recedes slowly over the horizon. Pleasant because it comforts me that there is at least a small interest in historical matters out there.

I have another book to write after this one – about democracy in South Asia. I am therefore very pleased that some seems to be happening in Pakistan for once. Hooray. And now the hard work will begin. Whether anyone can ever cure corruption from within a corrupt system remains to be seen. Politically speaking it is a form of suicide, to disappoint your own supporters, and to change a system that delivered you victory. We shall see.





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  4 Responses to “Spike!”

  1. I think the spike is because I happened to link to two of your posts among my friends. (the Macaulay fraud and AIT ones)!

    Good to see this blog being read by more people. A most learned site.

    • Ah, that explains it. That didn’t show up on my site tracker or via google searches.

      Thank you for spreading the word.

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