Oct 152014

Hello Botswana! Hello Finland! Hello Qatar, Australia, Brazil and italy! And most of all, hello Pakistan!

Am having another of those traffic spikes today, thanks to Imran Khan, who has failed to avoid the Macaulay banana skin. Cheap anti-colonial rhetoric can always be had, and that internet-approved quote is irresistible to those who wish to inflict as much damage as possible in as short a time as they can. Sadly for such enthusiasts the quote is entirely bogus, despite the views of some bad tempered commenters here.

Anyway. if you are visiting courtesy of Imran you may not get to view the front page. But if you do, enjoy yourself and look around. It’s free.

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  1. Ha ha! A bogus quote has never got in the way of a political cause. Fortunately for the mis-quoters, if the quote fits their bigotry, that is enough.

    • Yes indeed. I happen to know about that one, but it does lead me to wonder how many others we use habitually are less than solidly based.

      • Firstly, the people who start coprinsacy theories almost always have a political axe to grind against another political faction. This is almost always a preexisting condition. The coprinsacy theorist will always be looking on how to exploit some indiscrepancies in largely accepted facts. They will then use numerous abnormalities to formulate their theory which will support their underlying political beliefs. The theory must start with a few abnormalities but after those abnormalities the theory must take on a believable course of action. Once people take that first abnormality as proof of a larger coprinsacy, they will begin to believe everything … up to a point. A coprinsacy is not too hard to believe given historical evidence, e.g. Japan blowing up a railway line in an excuse to invade China in WWII. However, the believer of the theory doesn’t want to understand that these historical evidences are quiet different then the modern world, in their eyes, nothing has changed. To build a strong theory, stronger scientific evidence must exist for the theory to be truly believable, although the theorist already believes it. The theorist will gather scientific (hard) evidence from sources that are already biased toward their beliefs. They will also find the few sketchy ‘eye-witness’ accounts of any kind of evidence that can support their theory. It should be noted that ‘eye-witness’ accounts are usually unreliable due to: belief bias, not remembering things correctly in the heat of the moment, fear, etc. The coprinsacy theory is ready to fly if the following are satisfied: Does it make sense? Is it plausible? Is there a means, motive and opportunity available at every stage? Is there enough evidence to support the theory? Most importantly, does the coprinsacy theory actually explain what happened? Even now after so much bending of the truth, all that exists is circumstantial evidence that wouldn’t stand up in any legitimate court. The theorist will now release their theory via book, documentary, website (blog), and interviews on mass media that directs interested parties to the book, documentary, or website.Secondly, this smaller above mentioned coprinsacy theory (e.g. 9/11), is almost always connected to a larger coprinsacy theory (e.g. NWO). Both the smaller and larger coprinsacy theory is facilitated by the federal government, large corporations, and the military. These three organizations are controlled by an Illuminati or “Enlighted” people. The Illuminati are one or a combination of the following: Socialists, Conservatives, Rich People, Fascists, Freemasons, Jews, Skull and Bones, Catholics, Bilderbergs, Morons, a Super Computer, Cyborgs from the Future, Aliens, or the Devil and his Followers. These Illuminati have the intent on creating a New World Order, which is pretty much the largest coprinsacy that could possibly exist. Conspiracy theories attract those people who are looking for the competitive advantage of intelligence/the truth, albeit non-existent, to make up for some other sort falling of theirs. Those that create conspiracies either: want to service a political objective by creating fear and division amongst their rivals, feel important or smarter or “enlightened” themselves, or they just dislike those that they are accusing . They almost always believe their own myth. If facts are used to debunk the theory, the theorist will simply say that the debunker is naive or unenlightened. Little consideration is taken to the realistic problems of an actual coprinsacy like the number one killer of a real coprinsacy: a leak. Unless the events happened in a controlled society (e.g. North Korea), any real coprinsacy involving a large organizational body is quickly whistleblowed by someone inside the organization. This is especially true of either politically charged events like 9/11, or events involving large institutions that employ people with a myriad of beliefs, agendas, and ideologies. Many American conspiracies centralize around distrust of the federal government, shows like the X-files don’t help.The more society believes in coprinsacy theories, the more easy it is for future coprinsacy theories to come to fruition, and the crazier they will get. I fear that society’s line between reality and stupidity is becoming ever blurrier.Conspiracy theories slowly fade away when the events no longer apply to present political circumstances and/or when the people that created them and believed in them grow old and die.

    • I have a couple of quiotesns.Which style of government are we going to live under once it becomes a new world order ? Are we going to have the freedoms that we enjoy as Americans, or are we going to live under the laws of another not so tolerant country? Who’s going to decide what style of government we will have? Who’s going to be the leader of the new world government? Will we get to pick the leader? Who or where will you go to if you don’t like the style of government that wins out in the end? What if the powers that be then decide that we should all now live under a new world religion ? What about the atheists that don’t believe in God, any God, should they be forced to participate? What if you don’t worship the same God as the one that is chosen by the new world government leader? Should you and the atheists be put to death to keep from polluting the rest of the tolerant people that go along with the leaders? Which currency will we be using? What if your particular currency is suddenly devalued and you are left with nothing? I sincerely hope that you don’t think that any change a new world order would bring would leave any semblance of life in America intact as we know it. We have already had a healthcare bill shoved down our throats that more than half the population did not want. This is what our own president and congress in this country foisted upon us. Now imagine all the countries in the world trying to decide what’s best for us. It might not start out as a crazy evil conspiracy , but if you think that giving up our sovereignty and becoming pawns of power hungry despots, dictators, mad men, zealots, fools, and liars is going to bring about any change for the better, you are delusional at best and living in an altered reality at worst.I’m glad that I’m as old as I am. I have witnessed many changes in this country, most of them not for the better, many of them very frightening. Society has lost it’s moral compass, there are no more absolutes of right and wrong. That is a dangerous place to be because if you will stand for anything, you actually stand for nothing. When you stand for nothing you become a powerless pawn to be used by the powers that be to do their bidding. I have many wonderful memories of the good times that this country enjoyed and it grieves me to see it fading. I hope for your sake that the evil conspiracy is just a figment of my imagination, and the fairy tale of the new world order ends the way you think it will.

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