Jan 042015

I have now finished my next book, which should be out in February. The Indian press has picked up on it already (para 2). The print version carried a picture of the cover too.

A big relief to have it done, coupled with a certain frustration that I can no longer include current events in the text.

So what’s next? One thing is that I intend to do more work on this site – including posts on breaking news, and some additions to the longer pages on historical subjects. One obvious example that seems to demand both kinds of attention is the revival yesterday of the old claim that Pythagoras’ Therorem is in some way an Indian invention, possession, idea, or achievement. Not really. I think that the minister concerned, Dr Harsh Vardhan, would find, with a little less chauvinism and  a little more digging, that the Sumerians had it earlier, as did the Egyptians. Pythagoras is not given priority among modern Western mathematicians. His name was attached to the idea because the theorem came from Pythagoras to the later generation of Greek mathematicians who proved it, not discovered it. Simple. And nobody disputes that Indians invented zero.

I did write a long piece on the subject of Greek-Indian links once, and I will try to polish it up and post it soon.

[Done now. Here.]


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