Mar 082016

I haven’t been writing much, but I intend to change that. Events have conspired, and timetables have aligned to permit me a little more time and energy for thoughts that might fit here.

We are certainly at an interesting point in time. A lot has changed in the last seven years, and people have been scrabbling round for explanations. Some new bad guys have appeared, often in pairs – Assad and ISIS, Trump and Mexican rapists – or as odd singletons – Putin, Farage, Erdogan. I have some ideas about all this, and I will be putting some of them up here, soon.

But although the world seems a bit crazy right now, people are actually much the same. And that is both a comfort and a worry.


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  2 Responses to “The World – Mad?”

  1. I stumbled on your website while doing some research for my own blogpost reviewing an utterly imbecilic book called ‘India in Greece’ by a certain E. Pococke. I was shocked at the number of times this book has been quoted as the gospel truth by enthusiastic people, and so am heartened to see a voice of balance and reason in you. Thank you, and keep writing!

  2. Srinam,

    you’re welcome. It’s quite a sad book. In the intro there is is reference to a moment when Mr Pococke tried to approach a great Orientalist scholar, but was snubbed.

    And it’s an object lesson in ‘confirmation bias’ – that people are very ready to believe what they read when it supports what they already think.

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