Nov 262016

but that didn’t work out too well. So it’s back to hating each other for a while.

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  2 Responses to “Well, we tried being nice to each other…”

  1. I believe it could work – with this principle:

    “Freedom of speech is not respecting someone’s right to say something you may not agree with, it is respecting their right to say something you find abhorrent.”

    However you are a historian so here is a question: has there ever been another time in living history where there are two such opposing sides with no common ground? Where agreeing on even one thing seems so impossible?
    I think we are trapped in a political “lang and mirk” night and the dawn is far away.

    • Ah, big question. I would say one obvious parallel in Britain is the reign of Queen Anne 1702-14. Massive divisions about the style and purpose of government, tax, foreign affairs, and – religion. We got through it and had a 50 year period of stability (apart from two Jacobite rebellions), until the radical upswing of the 1760s. We might be OK now, but that previous occasion was blessed with a long subsequent period of peace and prosperity. Perhaps not this time, then.

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