Apr 152017

Can anyone tell me why I am getting so many visitors from African countries in the last 48 hours?

I would be much obliged.







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  1. It appears the Macaulay / Bentinck is doing the rounds on Whatsapp- with the quote even further distorted – replacing #India with #Africa.
    This could possibly explain why many, from Africa, have visited your site. Imagine my surprise to find your article dates back to Nov. 2013!
    See below:
    Great site.

    • Thanks for taking the trouble, JKG. Very succinct. I didn’t know that, and I don’t get results from searches that show activity on WhatsApp.
      This whole site is dedicated to the idea that history should make some attempt to be true, and should definitely not deliberately mislead. The fight goes on…


  2. Hi, I found myself here as well. I can speak for myself. I am of African heritage. My reason is that the same Fake Macaulay quote in India has been manipulated and now making its rounds across Africa. I had seen the India one quite a few years ago, so this new version made me to finally go search online for some kind of truth or confirmation. The quote does not fit Africa, but I had fallen for the India version.
    This one on Africa dates the quote to 1829.

    Now, to your lengthy and well stated argument. I hear you, and good job, but I’m not convinced. This especially because you do not share any authoritative links and also, that such quotes only reveal some sense of the same double-minded speech that should be expected of those who would go from their space to dominated another. And they did…. Did they not? At best, the quote exposes, very richly the elements and deeper intents that were bloodily executed not in the name of “spices” only.

    Thanks so much for your site. It shed some light, and I imagine, would at least do some busting of the modified quote referring to Africa.


    • And thanks to you, Adegbesan.

      Whoever put up this new version does not even have the excuse of some of the Indians – namely that they might sincerely believe the quote to be real. The person that posted this must have known it was fake, because of the necessity of inserting the word Africa. Also it is patently absurd to think that Macaulay had anything to say about Africa in 1835, or even 1829. How much of African education did the British control at that time?

      I am sorry that I failed to persuade you as you are evidently an intelligent and serious person. But how do you think I can post ‘authoritative links’ that prove a negative? If I might say so, this is the authoritative link, or about as authoritative as the internet can be. However, your point raises a number of issues, so I will post about them in a longer piece above.


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